Safety, comfort and convenience are a priority when travelling with a child in your car! And that’s easy from now on with Carkids extensive range of child seats. Carkids offers a complete range of child seats for every age category.

Safe travel

The car is the favourite means of transportation for families. Yet, car journeys can be quite exhausting. It’s great travelling with your children but it does need to be safe too. Parents are easily distracted, which can result in accidents. That’s why the Carkids range includes various products to promote travel safety. From a mirror to a play table and from an organiser to a sunshade; Carkids has everything for a safe journey and fun on the back seat.

Safe inspected

Children are a vulnerable group in traffic and are much more at risk of injury in an accident than adults. A child’s body is generally not capable of withstanding the enormous forces released in a collision. That’s why an approved child seat is mandatory. Using the correct equipment when travelling with your child significantly reduces the risk of serious injury to your child. Around 98% of car accidents involving children are a result of human error. This means that a good and safe child seat is extremely important and is the reason why child seats are mandatory in Europe.

Euroan Legislation

Children under 1.35m tall must be carried in approved child seats. Children must, of course, always wear a seatbelt, just like adults. When purchasing a child seat please make sure that it carries the 44/04 or ECE R129 approval label. These approval labels indicate that the child seat has been approved and is safe for use in traffic. Babies require different car seats than infants.

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